Since starting Gardena Car Wash thirteen years ago, we have now entered into the Internet Avenue of growth.  Bringing this web page to the attention of our existing customers and reaching out to others we hope you find this informative. This will provide us an opportunity to present discount offers, monthly or weekly specials, and other savings to you and your family from time to time.

As a family owned business we continue to strive on improving our customer service and maintaining our close relations with our clients. Staying aware of our customer’s needs and feedback for growth is very important.  We do not want you to leave our car wash with any hesitancy that you are not completely satisfied with our service. Our Managers as well as our Customer Support Manager are available to answer any questions at any time during your visit.

Both partners of Gardena Car Wash come from very different professional backgrounds. One partner having a background in corporate America, the other stemming from the medical field.  Coming together to start this business began through discussions at family events.

The decision to leave corporate America and invest his effort fulltime at GCW was a result to help grow our new business, spend less time traveling and focus more of his attention on raising two young sons. The result has been a winning outcome. 

Having left the medical field to initially run GCW was challenging on what she knew firsthand and enter into a field completely out of her comfort zone.  With the investment of time and experience she knew without question that based on her success over these last thirteen years another small business venture may not be too far away.

Thanks to our loyal customers for your trust and confidence. We look forward to continue to support your needs.

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